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BasinC 1.77 Release

EDIT:This is now an old version. Check new version at -> >Basinc 1.792<

Well, this one is again just a quick update. Some bug fixes and minor improvoments.

A visible addendum is Project Notes Editor. It’s just a workaround to add remarks/comments to your project. Note that comments will only saved with BAS files.
Also I’ve added keyboard toggle options for tool windows. For more information please see the changelog below.

BasinC Emulator 1.77 – Download
A reminder: This archive does not contain basinc.ini file. You may copy your old ini file into basinc 1.77 folder or basinc will create a new ini file for you.

Happy halloween!

Version History:

// 1.77 (14.10.2021)
// Added - UDG editor character setup option
// Added - UDG editor keyboard shortcuts
// Added - Add/Edit a note to Notes Window by right clicking on a statement in listing
//         This is a step to overlay comments over program listing in a future release
// Added - Auto Show Note option in BasinC Options window. Disabling this will prevent project window to popup, even if a BAS file does contain notes.
// Fixed - save as.. Does not modify project name. (A workaround rather than a fix. Needs a bit more time)
// Fixed - Undo/redo buttonts on Image Editor (former Screen Paintbox) wouldn't work at start.
// Changed-Some Ctrl+Alt+ keyboard shortcuts was clashing with AltGR+A..U graphics mode shortcut. So all of them changed. Sorry.
// Added - Hotkey Toggle Tools. You may open *and* close following tools with single keycombo:
//         Crtl-T Tokens, Ctrl+Alt+Z Notes, Ctrl+Alt+X Tapes, Ctrl+I Image Editor, Ctrl+U Udg Editor
// Changed-English tool names Graphics/Sprite Editor become UDG Editor, and Screen Paintbox become Image Editor for simplicity.

// 1.76 (11.10.2020)
// Added - Project Notes Window
// Fixed - tooltip variables not showing correctly (hopefully fixed)
// Added - More Basinc Test Basic Programs in the release package

//1.75 (22.05.2019)
// Fixed - Parser fix (reported by: James Davis)

// Added - Save Display Window as BMP
// Added - basin now is on github!

// Fixed - Undocumented fixes

// 1.72
// Added: -dumptxt commandline parameter. Extracts and saves BASIC portion of a basinc compatible program (eg. BAS/SNA/TAP).
//                  Usage: basinc  -dumptxt   
//                  Example: basinc oregon.tap -dumptxt   (will create oregon.tap_BASIC.txt in same folder)

// 1.71

// Added: 4x,5x,6x font sizes for hi-dpi non-zoomed screens.

// Fixed: variables with 90ish numbers like a91, b95 weren't properly tokenized.

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