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New version of ZXVisionis available for windows


ZXVision is a ZX Spectrum graphics viewing tool first released in 2009 under the name SpeccyView4. While the program was initially created to display SCR and MLT graphics, it can also open Snapshot types and TAP/TZX files to view graphic files within.

It intelligently determines the border color or can display in Loading Stripe mode if desired.

Along with the slideshow feature, there are several functions to manipulate loaded images. For example, after loading an SCR, choose Glow first, then SlotMask, and then Glow again from the EDIT menu. You can see the image transform into a TV display.

The program is written in .NET Framework 4. It runs on Windows 10 without requiring any additional installations.

DOWNLOAD ZX Vision V5.2 53KB ZIP file
Just extract and run. No installation or user privileges required. ZXVision works best if you associate it with SCR and MLT filetypes.

UPDATE 21/01/24: V5.3 is available here

Need some images to look at?
DOWNLOAD ZX Spectrum Random Image Pack 360KB Zip file
Unpack all the files to any folder and drag and drop a file into ZX Vision to view it.

More images? Check out zxart.ee website.

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