Zx Spectrum Graphics (G) Mode Editor: CheqEdit (For Zx Spectrum and ZX81)

it’s a simple and small program that helps you to draw 64×48 graphics on screen in GRAPHICS MODE. Program can output as text in CHR$ format, control codes format, a special compressed data format or special Basin/Zmakebas format, all in Basic. (Edit: Chris Cowley reminded me that this mode is native resolution for ZX81, and as CheqEdit already supports zmakebas style output, it is somehow compatible with zx81 graphics.)

Program can also import/export image files (bmp, png, jpg etc..).
What is it for?
if you want to create big graphics using G mode, this program can help you.

How to import text into zx spectrum?
This is tricky, you have to find an emulator or a tool to convert plain text into zx basic format. I recommend using basin. For Zx81 there is a program called “zxtext2p”. You can find it’s web address at the bottom of the post.

Here is the screens:

Editing with a mouse (screencap software couldn't capture mouse)

Read more and download:

Exporting as basin format
Output options
This is the result shown in an emulator

Download Here (40kb, no install required, unzip and run) V1-110818


if you want to convert CheqEdit’s output to ZX81 compatible .P files, use this utility: http://freestuff.grok.co.uk/zxtext2p/index.html

Requires Windows and microsoft .net framework.

Please check latest entries for updates, as editing entries is not possible. You can also check updates at [url=http://arda.kisafilm.org/blog/]my blog[/url], search for cheqedit or check downloads section.


Planned features are:

1. Color (already implemented but not yet complete)

2. Exporting to tap format

3. Animation support

4. Output for Asm and C.

5. Faster decompressors, including a MC one.

No promises though, as this is highly useless program anyway 🙂

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