BasinC Emulator

Basin is a zx spectrum emulator combined developing environment for sinclair basic developers.

It’s originally written by Paul Dunn and currently maintained by Arda (“Ref”).

This is the only official page for Basin & it’s current fork, Basinc. Basin is discontinued and unsupported after version R14c. While development versions of R15.8 is available around internet but it’s never completed. While migrating to code to a new environment it got a bit messy and Paul stopped working on it and send the latest source code to me. The code couldn’t be compiled, because it got too many errors to fix. Rather than trying to figure out how to get it to compile, I used R14 as a base, which is kind of stable build but it was very limited compared to R15, and I integrated and updated the new functions of R15 into R14 source code.

The result is a hybrid of both versions, and I started fixing bugs, adding features most requested. I wasn’t planning to release anything because I hoped Paul might return working on basin again, but as it’s working vigorously on SpecOS, I suspect this will not become true in near future. So I decided to release basin under different name, Basinc, just to distinguish it’s not an upgrade to R15.8, and it’s going to a different route, as a fork of basin. Right now, I am the only official maintainer of Basin and BasinC. Source code of both programs are available in their respective archives. I can answers question releated to Basin but I won’t be the man to update it.

You can download the latest version here.

You may find all basinc releases in “sinclair zx spectrum > BASin/basinc category”

17 thoughts on “BasinC Emulator”

  1. This is very nice, it would be good if this page could have some screenshots.

    Any chance of moving to an open development model (e.g. on github or elsewhere) ? (obviously would need permission from the original devs).

    1. This is an old page, please follow the latest version link to find screenshots 🙂

      I won’t be the one distributing the source code of Paul’s work, but i agree, the project needs more fresh blood.

      Thank you for your comment

  2. I could be very much interested in doing some maintenance on this – it’s in Delphi, I work in Delphi all day long. I wonder if there’s any sense of how many people are using it and what level of interest there might be in an update?

    1. We already discussed this but for the sake of my blog i summarize the answer for public.

      Every now and then people ask to join the project. I even invited for a larger project to integrate basinc into.

      But as I consider Paul as head of the project and a good friend, i always forward this queries to him.

      I always include sourcecode of basinc with the releases. But i think i don’t have the right to open the project to the public because bigger part of the basin belongs to Paul, woody and marko (formerly zxspin team).

      I am all for the opensourcing basin and putting it to git and see what it will become.

  3. Hi Arda,

    I see the 1.69 version above is dated 02.07.2014. My BasinC about box reports 1.69, Mar, 11, 2014.

    Are these the same version?

    Many thanks


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