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An experiment about Turkish Wordle.

I’m not sure this is relevant if you are an english speaker, but if you are interested, this article is about 5 letter Turkish word frequencies.

Worlde has become quite popular on social media in recent weeks. Everyone keeps posting their great success, but you can only solve one word per day. That’s why everyone is eagerly waiting for the clock to pass midnight.

The game is there:

Wordle expects for you to find a 5 letter Turkish word. In doing so, it expects you use valid words. Wordle uses the Turkish tdk word library and the words you type must match the words in the library.

9971 words are registered in the 5-letter words library. If we look at the letter distribution in them;

a 6363
e 4064
k 3417
i 3266
r 2849
l 2543
n 2441
m 2289
t 2086
s 1922
ı 1915
u 1598
y 1410
o 1279
ü 1251
d 1236
b 1203
z 1099
ç 951
ş 914
h 910
g 817
p 734
v 662
f 650
c 534
ö 462
ğ 353
j 57

In this case, we have the letters AEKİR, from which we can only create ERİKA. The next letters are LNMTS, the next 5 is IUYOÜ.
Erika seems like the best opening word, but then you’re on your own.

If you want to handle the 15 most popular letters in the first three words, you have only one option:
1. ALTIN (includes 15348) (31.2%)
2. EKÜRİ (includes 14847) (29.4%)
3. SOYUM (including 8498) (17.2%)

After these three words, you will have a 78.5% chance of removing all the letters.

With just the word ERICA, you cover 41% of the letters per word. If you feel lucky, make an opening with ERİKA. Thus, you will have a chance to make a shorter prediction. Otherwise, continue with ALTIN and EKÜRİ, if you can’t find enough letters, you will continue with SOYUM.

That is all. Have fun.

I don’t know why I translated this into English 😀

BasinC 1.7a


This release is an untested alpha release (ok, actually, every basin release might be marked as Alpha).

Not worth for 1.7 glory, you may see some icons missing and some functionalities reduced because I planned to make them better, yet failed to complete all the work. Basinc demands more time that I don’t have.

The project is not abandoned. V1.7 will hit the sinclair basic scene someday in the future 😀

btw. I can accept fancier toolbar icons. Comment or email me if you are interested.

Yours truly,

DOWNLOAD: Basinc1.7a 3.3MB Zip File

(basinC now has an official non-alpha 1.7 release. Please download it from this link:

Here is the tiny list of update history:

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Vefa Lök’s “Osmanlıca” and it’s Crack

This article is about cracking a Turkish amiga utility from 1992. it’s only available in Turkish, sorry. You can dowload cracked program by clicking the screenshot below:


it’s a educational program which tries to teach old ottoman writing using an amiga. But it seems it’s not doing what it’s intended to do, as there are incorrect representation of old ottoman text.

Anyway, it’s cracked and released for archival reasons.

Minecraft LAN bağlantı problemlerini aşmak

My son was playing minecraft 1.4.2 and I was connecting to his game, until suddenly “Open to LAN” option stopped working.

At first, I was able to see the game on LAN servers list, but couldn’t connect it. So I think it’s an outdated version or something, then I updated the game to 1.4.5. As problem continued, I proceed and install latest version, which is 1.4.7 by the time of this writing.

Then I give up and leave my son alone in the game. After a couple of weeks later, he insisted me to join his game to hunt some monsters and XP farming, I decided to fix the issue. Strangely, this time I wasn’t able to see any games on server list.

First I checked if I can see if the game actually opens the port for listening. There is a very nice tools from Radmin, which is called “radmin port scanner“. I scanned my local ports, and found out there is no problem on my local ports, they were open internally. After that, I checked servers ip (which was @win7) from my laptop( @win8) at same LAN. This time there was no open ports, so something must be stopping me from reaching server port. This is generally a firewall or badly configured router.

Then I realized when I open a game to LAN, minecraft thinks that the game runs on not When I opened win7’s network configuration screen, I immediately see the root of the problem, which is VMware’s virtual network services. I disabled the virtual ethernet devices, and restarted minecraft, the game started to get a proper ip adress again.

Now I was able to see the game in the local servers list on my laptop, but still unable to login to the game. First I disabled laptop (win8) firewall. (I do not recommend this on a public LAN, such as an airport or workplace as there may be vigilante computers around). Nothing changed. Then I proceed to disable server’s firewall (win7), and the LAN game started working again.


1. If you got minecraft lan game ip problem:
Solution: You got more than one active network connection in your machine. You have to disable any other connection device on your computer. Go to “Network and sharing center”, right click and “disable” network devices&connections other than your main connection. (such as virtual networks set by virtual machine programs)

2. Minecraft lan game not showing up:
Solution: Your server cannot broadcast if a game is open, check your firewall rules. This has nothing to do with client’s firewall config.

3. If your minecraft lan game gives “connection timed out” error, even though you can see your local game on servers list:
Solution: Disable firewall on both ends (server&client). Don’t forget to disable, public, private and domain level firewalls individually. You can do this by typing “check firewall status” at start button search. And do not forget to re-enable it after playing. Warning, this is a security risk. But if this is your home router, you are already protected by your router, as it is an actual firewall by default, no computer can reach your computers from outside (using internet) unless you configured your router to allow that.

Normally you don’t need to disable your firewall, but I couldn’t find which program to allow through firewall. I allowed all java execs, minecraft jar files but no joy. If you can, it’s better to create a firewall rule for JavaVm, and minecraft rather than disabling it.

Vefa Lök yapımı Zeka Kutusu Kırılmış Sürümü…

Zeka Kutusu Amiga

As some of you know, I am collecting pieces of Turkish software especially made for Amiga and Zx Spectrum computers. A couple of years ago, I’ve added Vefa Lök Collection including almost all of the games by him in a package. Unfortunately (or luckily) they are in original released state, and some of them are still needs a crack/codes to run. I also published some of the codes under the same blog post (which can be reached and downloaded here).

Today I encountered cracked version of Zeka Kutusu, a wheel of fortune game, and uploaded into my archive. it’s cracked by codetapper, I tested it and it works fine.

Download Zeka Kutusu Cracked ADF