SnapToTap 2.4 update

Snaptotap is *the* converter for Zx Spectrum snapshot formats for modern day user.

Snap to tap converts your zx spectrum memory images into standard code blocks where you can then load from *any* source and resume your zx spectrum program from where you left.

As they are ready to run, compressed and auto-decompressing memory images, you can transfer code blocks to/from +3 disk images, sdcards, over serial network connections, tapes, microdrives or any other media.

The only downside is this method only works for 48k images for now.

SnapToTap Version 2.4 Windows Binary Portable release (no installation required)
Download (220kb zip file)

Here is a tutorial converting a SNA snapshot into +3 disk image:
Watch tutorial (11MB xvid codec avi file)

Also, please read “usage.txt” file inside the archive.

For technical description please see the old version enrty:

Zx Spectrum’da SNA to Tap converter


Happy transferring!


2 thoughts on “SnapToTap 2.4 update”

  1. Hi Arda,
    Firstly I just wan’t to say thank you for making such a brilliant program, I’ve used snap2tap for transferring some of my games onto +3 disks. Are there any plans to update it to work with 128k snaps? I can’t code myself so I appreciate those that make programs like this.

    Thanks again 🙂

  2. Yeah, would really appreciate it being able to do 128k snaps. Some games don’t work properly in 48k mode on 128k spectrums it seems.

    Keep up the good work and thanks!

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