BasinC 1.7a


This release is an untested alpha release (ok, actually, every basin release might be marked as Alpha).

Not worth for 1.7 glory, you may see some icons missing and some functionalities reduced because I planned to make them better, yet failed to complete all the work. Basinc demands more time that I don’t have.

The project is not abandoned. V1.7 will hit the sinclair basic scene someday in the future 😀

btw. I can accept fancier toolbar icons. Comment or email me if you are interested.

Yours truly,

DOWNLOAD: Basinc1.7a 3.3MB Zip File

(basinC now has an official non-alpha 1.7 release. Please download it from this link:

Here is the tiny list of update history:

// 1.7 alpha 25.09.2017


// Alpha – Broken Undo/Redo behaviour. BETA – Save often to avoid data loss.

// Fixed – Right button popup menu context operators should detect *declared* variables correctly now
// Fixed – Green Ruler Mark at the bottom of the screen should work ok even when cursor in a string.
// Fixed – Drag&Drop files to main window works again.
// Fixed – Esc key no longer breaks the program if Basinc is not in focus
// Fixed – Token table wasn’t printing first keywords correctly (eg. RND/SPECTRUM).
// Fixed – File dialogs won’t stuck at search results anymore
// Fixed – Cosmetic fixes of profiling window
// Fixed – While using double and triple size fonts, find and replace was not showing the result in the editor

// Added – Shift+Clicking token table inserts byte code rather than token itself
// Added – Tape Browser now accept files via drag&drop
// Added – When in full speed emulation, a small arrow is shown at the bottom right corner of display window
// Added – Display window preset sizes: 300%,400%,600%
// Added – German Translation (Uwe Geiken) [note that translations are for main menu only. ]
// Added – External Utility menu item. This item sends basinc’s memory snapshot to an external utility, such as an emulator.
// Added – New toolbar images. (I’m using 4K monitor now, I needed to get those buttons bigger. Sorry for the lousy image editing. I can accept fancier icons.


// 1.697 20.03.2017

// Added – SimpleCon window warns user if it’s still open but interface is disabled in the options.
// Added – REM speed <x> command. x is 1-50 (an integer equivalent to Mhz). It may not perform accordingly with commands which perform screen update.

// 1.696 09.09.2014
// Added – single instance mode
// Added – Command line option: give filename to load
// Added – Profiling window New (clears profiling results and starts new profiling) and Refresh (shows immediate results) button.
// fixed – token table was printing wrong keywords (again).
// fixed – Force Break (Undo) will go back to earlier state than intended (thus overwriting your program).

3 thoughts on “BasinC 1.7a”

  1. I know it has been a while, but there’s a bug when you try to put a REM statement immediately after a THEN, which is accepted in FUSE in 128K modes.

    E.g.: 1040 IF x=100 THEN REM bla bla bla

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