Basinc Minor update, Version 1.72

This article is obsolete. Get latest BasinC here.

This is a minor update for basinc. It fixes one bug and adds a new feature.

This package needs main basinc 1.70 (obsolete:get 1.77 instead) pre-installed on your system. Just overwrite old basinc.exe with this new executable file.

Download 1.72 update package (obsolete)  1.3MB Zip Archive
Reminder: Basinc 1.77 is out!!!
1.70 -> 1.72
Added: -dumptxt commandline parameter. Extracts and saves BASIC portion of the program. Usage: basinc <filename> -dumptxt
Added: 4x,5x,6x font sizes for hi-dpi non-zoomed screens.
Fixed: variables with 90ish numbers like a91, b95 weren’t properly tokenized.

2 thoughts on “Basinc Minor update, Version 1.72”

  1. Is there any more planned releases?
    If not would it be possible to put the source somewhere so that this app isnt lost in time when others can take it forward.
    Many thanks

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