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BasinC 1.79 is available! — Snippets!

This article is obsolete. Get basinC 1.794 instead.

Snippets Window where you can put short clips of programs and simplecon is simplified. Also basin can check updates if you enable it in options.

BasinC 1.792 ZIP file 3.1MB Zip File Portable Folder
Basinc 1.792 installer 3.1MB Executable

How to manually install?
Just unzip the file somewhere you have write access to. (basin keep backups your programs automatically in autoback folder).

How to upgrade?
Unzip this archive into a *new* folder. Carry your old “basinc.ini” file so your settings could be retained.
This archive does not include a basinc.ini configuration file, it will not overwrite it. But it has include snippets file. Be careful not to overwrite your old snippets.dat file.


// 1.79.2 (19.05.2022)
// Added – Basin Update Check (disabled by default, enable in Options) – basin can now notify updates.

// 1.79.1 (19.05.2022)
// Added – BasinC Snippets
// Changed – SimpleCon behaviour. Not port 1515 commands sets the byte *then* increment the index. Port 1259,0 feeds the line to the log instead of 255. See examples folder.

// 1.78 (24.10.2021)
// Fixed – IF x THEN REM couldn’t parsed by basinc, now patched, but may present new issues, due it’s just a workaround.
// Fixed – When you execute a direct command, basic was corrupted temporarily. It’s fixed by removing a wild syntax cropper.

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