Apple Magic Mouse 1 Driver for Windows 8 x64,10 x64

This is a windows driver for Apple Magic Mouse, it fixes the scrolling function of otherwise working mouse.

Tested and working. Extracted from bootcamp 3.1 update patch.

only tested on win10 x64. It supposed to work on win7+.

Please report if it works for you too.

> download < ~3MB (2322536 bytes) Zip File CRC32: F9671F3D

A1296 3Vdc
Apple Bluetooth Mouse

SnapToTap 2.4 update

Snaptotap is *the* converter for Zx Spectrum snapshot formats for modern day user.

Snap to tap converts your zx spectrum memory images into standard code blocks where you can then load from *any* source and resume your zx spectrum program from where you left.

As they are ready to run, compressed and auto-decompressing memory images, you can transfer code blocks to/from +3 disk images, sdcards, over serial network connections, tapes, microdrives or any other media.

The only downside is this method only works for 48k images for now.

SnapToTap Version 2.4 Windows Binary Portable release (no installation required)
Download (220kb zip file)

Here is a tutorial converting a SNA snapshot into +3 disk image:
Watch tutorial (11MB xvid codec avi file)

Also, please read “usage.txt” file inside the archive.

For technical description please see the old version enrty:

Zx Spectrum’da SNA to Tap converter


Happy transferring!


CSV to MediaWiki as different pages utility


Recently we got into a translating gaming terms into Turkish. As I was setting up a wiki, one of my collegues prepared a wordlist on a spreadsheet. When it was time to import them into the wiki, I realized there is no free alternatives around, so I made one myself.

This program is completely freeware, yet simple.

It takes your csv file, and your wiki page template, and puts them together with a simple replace operation into an mediaWiki compatible XML import file.

Happy wikiing 😀

Download Csv2Wiki (16kb Windows Exe – Requires .net 4.0 Framework)

“The scent of money” (Paranın Kokusu) – 1992 Sultansoft is no longer MIA

Sorry, this post is only available in Turkish.

For screenshots and download the adf image, please see:

You may try google translate but, meh:

Vefa Lök’s “Osmanlıca” and it’s Crack

This article is about cracking a Turkish amiga utility from 1992. it’s only available in Turkish, sorry. You can dowload cracked program by clicking the screenshot below:


it’s a educational program which tries to teach old ottoman writing using an amiga. But it seems it’s not doing what it’s intended to do, as there are incorrect representation of old ottoman text.

Anyway, it’s cracked and released for archival reasons.

Brand for sale: Jupiter Ace

Sorry, this article is only available in Turkish.

Sadece çemberin içindekilerin haberdar olduğu bir bilgisayar Jupiter Ace. Yaratıcıları Richard Altwasser ve Steve Vickers. Altwasser, Zx Spectrum, Zx81, zx spectrum +3 ve birkaç amstrad makinesinin de tasarımını yapmış biri. Vickers ise zx80/81 rom’unu yazan ekipten. Bunlar zx81’in çılgın satışlarından etkileniyorlar. “Yahu bu makineyi biz yaptık, sinclair ekmeğini yiyor biz maaşa talim ediyoruz.” mantığından yola çıkarak Jupiter Ace’i tasarlıyorlar.


İşte Jupiter Ace’in hikayesi böyle başlıyor, tarih 80’lerin ilk yarısı.
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