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BasinC 1.77 Release

Well, this one is again just a quick update. Some bug fixes and minor improvoments.

A visible addendum is Project Notes Editor. It’s just a workaround to add remarks/comments to your project. Note that comments will only saved with BAS files.
Also I’ve added keyboard toggle options for tool windows. For more information please see the changelog below.

BasinC Emulator 1.77 – Download
A reminder: This archive does not contain basinc.ini file. You may copy your old ini file into basinc 1.77 folder or basinc will create a new ini file for you.

Happy halloween!

Version History:
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Purebasic for Amiga Syntax Highlighter

Last week, with a group of friends examined different development possibilities for Amiga. We were searching for small footprint (low memory usage) soultions. Then we stumbled upon -now deprecated version of- purebasic.

It worked and performed fine, yet developing under winuae with 25 year old environment was pain in the ass.

Then I decided to create a PureBasic Amiga syntax highligter for notepad++. It includes all documented commands for Amiga version of Purebasic 4.00.

Download Purebasic Amiga UDL XML file

To use this file, goto notepad++, Languages > Define Your Language > Import… and select provided xml file. RESTART notepad++ before use.

An alternative screen grabber: pirateScreenShot

Pirate Screen Shot (PSS) is a screenshot tool for happy pirates. It may be used to create series of screenshots, for example, online presentations, books or parts of a website.

PSS can remember areas of screen to capture, can click buttons to turn or scroll the page. It has a very simple scripting language to create batch captures.

Do not use this tool to create illegal backups of ebooks. To prevent hi-quality copying, this tool only saves screengrabs as JPG images.

Download here 150kb Windows Portable Exe File

(.net framework 4 installation may be required for older operating systems)


If you need help using PSS, please leave a comment.


Basinc Minor update, Version 1.72

This is a minor update for basinc. It fixes one bug and adds a new feature.

This package needs main basinc 1.70 (obsolete:get 1.77 instead) pre-installed on your system. Just overwrite old basinc.exe with this new executable file.

Download 1.72 update package (obsolete)  1.3MB Zip Archive
Reminder: Basinc 1.77 is out!!!
1.70 -> 1.72
Added: -dumptxt commandline parameter. Extracts and saves BASIC portion of the program. Usage: basinc <filename> -dumptxt
Added: 4x,5x,6x font sizes for hi-dpi non-zoomed screens.
Fixed: variables with 90ish numbers like a91, b95 weren’t properly tokenized.

BasinC 1.7a


This release is an untested alpha release (ok, actually, every basin release might be marked as Alpha).

Not worth for 1.7 glory, you may see some icons missing and some functionalities reduced because I planned to make them better, yet failed to complete all the work. Basinc demands more time that I don’t have.

The project is not abandoned. V1.7 will hit the sinclair basic scene someday in the future 😀

btw. I can accept fancier toolbar icons. Comment or email me if you are interested.

Yours truly,

DOWNLOAD: Basinc1.7a 3.3MB Zip File

(basinC now has an official non-alpha 1.7 release. Please download it from this link:

Here is the tiny list of update history:

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Minecraft LAN bağlantı problemlerini aşmak

My son was playing minecraft 1.4.2 and I was connecting to his game, until suddenly “Open to LAN” option stopped working.

At first, I was able to see the game on LAN servers list, but couldn’t connect it. So I think it’s an outdated version or something, then I updated the game to 1.4.5. As problem continued, I proceed and install latest version, which is 1.4.7 by the time of this writing.

Then I give up and leave my son alone in the game. After a couple of weeks later, he insisted me to join his game to hunt some monsters and XP farming, I decided to fix the issue. Strangely, this time I wasn’t able to see any games on server list.

First I checked if I can see if the game actually opens the port for listening. There is a very nice tools from Radmin, which is called “radmin port scanner“. I scanned my local ports, and found out there is no problem on my local ports, they were open internally. After that, I checked servers ip (which was @win7) from my laptop( @win8) at same LAN. This time there was no open ports, so something must be stopping me from reaching server port. This is generally a firewall or badly configured router.

Then I realized when I open a game to LAN, minecraft thinks that the game runs on not When I opened win7’s network configuration screen, I immediately see the root of the problem, which is VMware’s virtual network services. I disabled the virtual ethernet devices, and restarted minecraft, the game started to get a proper ip adress again.

Now I was able to see the game in the local servers list on my laptop, but still unable to login to the game. First I disabled laptop (win8) firewall. (I do not recommend this on a public LAN, such as an airport or workplace as there may be vigilante computers around). Nothing changed. Then I proceed to disable server’s firewall (win7), and the LAN game started working again.


1. If you got minecraft lan game ip problem:
Solution: You got more than one active network connection in your machine. You have to disable any other connection device on your computer. Go to “Network and sharing center”, right click and “disable” network devices&connections other than your main connection. (such as virtual networks set by virtual machine programs)

2. Minecraft lan game not showing up:
Solution: Your server cannot broadcast if a game is open, check your firewall rules. This has nothing to do with client’s firewall config.

3. If your minecraft lan game gives “connection timed out” error, even though you can see your local game on servers list:
Solution: Disable firewall on both ends (server&client). Don’t forget to disable, public, private and domain level firewalls individually. You can do this by typing “check firewall status” at start button search. And do not forget to re-enable it after playing. Warning, this is a security risk. But if this is your home router, you are already protected by your router, as it is an actual firewall by default, no computer can reach your computers from outside (using internet) unless you configured your router to allow that.

Normally you don’t need to disable your firewall, but I couldn’t find which program to allow through firewall. I allowed all java execs, minecraft jar files but no joy. If you can, it’s better to create a firewall rule for JavaVm, and minecraft rather than disabling it.

Zx Spectrum Graphics (G) Mode Editor: CheqEdit (For Zx Spectrum and ZX81)

it’s a simple and small program that helps you to draw 64×48 graphics on screen in GRAPHICS MODE. Program can output as text in CHR$ format, control codes format, a special compressed data format or special Basin/Zmakebas format, all in Basic. (Edit: Chris Cowley reminded me that this mode is native resolution for ZX81, and as CheqEdit already supports zmakebas style output, it is somehow compatible with zx81 graphics.)

Program can also import/export image files (bmp, png, jpg etc..).
What is it for?
if you want to create big graphics using G mode, this program can help you.

How to import text into zx spectrum?
This is tricky, you have to find an emulator or a tool to convert plain text into zx basic format. I recommend using basin. For Zx81 there is a program called “zxtext2p”. You can find it’s web address at the bottom of the post.

Here is the screens:

Editing with a mouse (screencap software couldn't capture mouse)

Read more and download:

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